Why Ride?

We are riding to benefit the ALYN Children's Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel's premier rehabilitation facility for children with physical disabilities.

ALYN treats over 3,000 children every year, with the goal of returning them to their families and communities with the greatest amount of independence and mobility. Money raised through Wheels of Love: USA ensures that ALYN can continue its life-changing work for the children in its care.

You’ll follow the Walkway over the Hudson up into Black Creek State Forest, across the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Depot and around Illinois Mountain Park. Ride on beautiful trails, through the shade of giant trees on the edge of the Mohonk Preserve and Franny Reese State Park.

If this is your first ride you can look forward to connecting with our community of friendly cyclists. Many Wheels of Love riders return again and again— from all across the country— and become friends for a life.

Our routes were designed with you in mind! Our 35-mile course will provide a more relaxed pace and not too much elevation, while our longer, 60-mile course will challenge you to do your best. If you decide part-way you’d prefer a different route, just pull a switchero at one of our centrally-located rest stops.

You’ll get a “Jinga” jersey created specifically for this event, a finisher t-shirt letting everyone know you know how to roll, a water bottle and a bag to hold it all! Each ride comes with new swag— if you don’t ride, you won't see it again.

Our fully supported ride includes security, mechanics and (hopefully never needed) paramedics! For the third year in a row, we are delighted to have the assistance of DreamRides, a team who specialize in bicycle event organizing, planning, safety, and hospitality. Their passion for bicycling is as strong as their commitment to give our cyclists the best possible experience while supporting our great cause!

There will be multiple rest stops with Gatorade, chips, bananas and sandwiches to help keep your energy up! The ride will end with lunch and a birthday celebration for a couple of our riders.

This year will be our 3rd annual Wheels of Love: USA ride which is a branch of the Wheels of Love ride in Israel. The purpose of both rides is to raise money for ALYN Hospital – Israel’s ONLY pediatric rehabilitation facility dedicated to helping children drastically improve the quality of life of children with diverse disabilities, whether congenital or acquired, by providing tools that increase their independence and mobility so they can hopefully live at home.