American Friends of ALYN Hospital is a national, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds and builds awareness of the hospital’s innovative and successful medical and technological advances so Americans can learn from it, collaborate with, and support its life-changing efforts. ALYN drastically improves the quality of life of children with diverse disabilities, whether congenital or acquired, by providing tools that increase their independence and mobility so they can hopefully live at home.
ALYN provides care and treatment for children of all backgrounds, religions and nationalities. ALYN is a healing place for children from all around the world.

About Wheels of Love

Join friends and family for an unforgettable charity ride in the Hudson Valley, NY. Our hope is that your fundraising efforts will raise visibility for the hospital and introduce your donors to the amazing work that happens at ALYN. Many who will give to ALYN for the first time through your fundraising efforts will become repeat donors to the hospital. It is a long-term plan of support.

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