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Tiferes Devorah L'Kallah


Prize 1 D. Szanzer
Prize 2 R. Pirutinsky
Prize 3 S. Lerman
Prize 4 B. Zyskind
Prize 5 L. Kaufman
Prize 6 A. Schron
Prize 7 Y. Eissenberg
Prize 8 P. Brecher
Prize 9 C. Kaplinsky
Prize 10 B. Karp
Prize 11 Y.M. Berkowitz
Prize 12 Z. Neuman
Prize 13 L. Zoberman
Prize 14 M. Kahan
Prize 15 M. Berkowitz
Prize 16 M. Tepfer
Prize 17 A. Tikotzky
Prize 18 G. Roth
Prize 19 Y. Fuchs
Prize 20 R. Kreps
Prize 21 M. Farkas
Prize 22 S. Rajchenbach
Prize 23 S. Oberlandr
Prize 24 G. Rieder
Prize 25 C. Muschel
Prize 26 C. Grunfeld
Prize 27 B. Cohen
Prize 28 S. Nussbaum
Prize 29 M. Blackman
Prize 30 H. Klug
Prize 31 M. Tauber
Prize 32 Z. Neuman
Prize 33 A.T. Steier
Prize 34 C. Wilhelm
Prize 35 A. Kess
Prize 36 B. Cohen
Prize 37 Y. Abramson
Prize 38 D. Katz
Prize 39 R. Oestreicher
Prize 40 S. Ringel

While Tiferes Devorah L'Kallah addresses the kallahs needs with a large array of tangible goods, TDL addresses an equally important need - her pride and self-respect. The care that TDL invests in selecting a collection of beautiful items for the home is matched only by the care they take in maintaining the family's dignity.