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Tampa Torah Center is a non-profit 501c3 organization.


The Tampa Torah Center, home of Tampa Torah Academy and Tampa Kollel, is a new Jewish organization with a goal of transforming Jewish life in Tampa.

Through an Orthodox school and strong Kollel, TTC has begun to affect Tampa's 70,000 Jews. Tampa Torah Academy's mission is to provide an outstanding Judaic and Secular education with a strong emphasis on character development and empowering students to become active members of their communities. TTA starts with preschool and will eventually go up through 8th grade. With 33 students in its first year, it is quickly becoming popular within the community. Tampa Kollel impacts and connects adults and youth of all ages through their many programs and classes in Tampa. Tampa Kollel is an outreach Kollel that learns Torah in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening runs programming from youth through adults. The Kollel has connected with over 150 teens through their popular JSU high school clubs and over 40 preteens with their Chillzone Motzei Shabbos program. There is also a popular mishmar Thursday nights with cholent, learning, and singing.

Together, TTA and Tampa Kollel have already helped many Jewish people on all levels and all backgrounds discover their Jewish heritage and find what is meaningful to them. The Tampa Torah Center has quickly made a difference in the community and has become a beacon for Jews in Tampa.
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