With a commitment to meeting every aspect of their unique needs, we pave the way for other organizations globally. Our state-of-the-art main campus in Lakewood, NJ, and additional locations in Brooklyn, Five Towns, and a cutting-edge farm, showcase our dedication to spreading love and care across communities.

Empowering over 700 families with special needs children, The Special Children's Center is a beacon of support from infancy to adulthood.

"When families in any community call out for help, we're there for them!" The Special Children's Center's Residential services stand out as the only kosher group homes in New Jersey.

Our reach has extended throughout New Jersey, including Toms River, Jackson, Howell, Marlboro, Deal, Long Branch, and beyond. Life is made possible through our unwavering mission.

With five homes currently in operation, they provide a warm, friendly, and enriching environment for children and adults who can no longer live at home. "...As community members, we organized this ride to express our gratitude to the Special Children's Center for all they do for our children..."

Embark on a meaningful adventure by pedaling 25 miles from Deal to Lakewood in support of The Special Children's Center.

This unique fundraiser goes beyond distance; it's about riding alongside the incredible children we serve. Share the joy of inclusion, breaking down barriers one pedal at a time.

Your participation directly supports over 700 families, bringing us closer to a positive impact on their lives with every mile.

The scenic route from Deal to Lakewood symbolizes our commitment to reaching every corner of need, culminating at our state-of-the-art campus where the power of unity comes full circle.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a weekend rider, your contribution matters. Join us in spreading awareness, raising funds, and creating a ripple effect of compassion that extends far beyond the miles we cover.