Regesh Network

Everyone needs someone to talk to. No matter your age, stage, or name, life can be overwhelming, and it's hard to know who to turn to when you're feeling lost, angry, sad, or just need to clear your head.

Enter Regesh, an organization run by specially trained individuals to lend a listening ear to YOU when you need it. Just phone their call center if you need to shmuz - and don't worry, all calls can be completely anonymous.

Sounds great? Well, it's about to get even better!


Ride4Regesh is a Bike-A-Thon for boys ages 8-13. Each rider joining the bika-a-thon agrees to raise money for Regesh and sets a dollar goal. The more you raise, the bigger the prize. Just call your family and friends and ask them to sponsor your ride. It's fun, easy, exciting and a big Mitzvah! And of course, practice riding that bike!

On June 20, you will need to get dropped off at LTC Parking Lot with you bike, helmet and money you collected. Once you sign in, give in your money and get your prize certificate, you will be ready to bike. Biking will take place on special closed off streets at the stadium. Please note that no boys will be allowed to bike without a helmet. A free gift, drinks and refreshments will be give out. There will be an incredible show after biking.