Regesh Network

Everyone needs someone to talk to. No matter your age, stage, or name, life can be overwhelming, and it's hard to know who to turn to when you're feeling lost, angry, sad, or just need to clear your head.

Enter Regesh, an organization run by specially trained individuals to lend a listening ear to YOU when you need it. Just phone their call center if you need to shmuz - and don't worry, all calls can be completely anonymous.

Sounds great? Well, it's about to get even better!


Sunday, June 30th, Regesh will be holding a 5K Bike-a-Thon in the LTC Parking Lot and you can join. It's by kids, for kids. There'll be a fantastic show, delicious food, and great music. Plus, it will be an amazing opportunity for you to help out an organization that just wants to help children like you. Forget the bike-a-thons with the age restriction that you can never join. This one's for you if you're a boy between the ages of 8 and 13.

So sign up today for Ride for Regesh! There'll be amazing prizes and gift cards to win. Call your Bubby, babysitter, and backyard neighbors and ask them to sponsor you in this amazing event. Plus, if you refer a friend to sign up, you'll receive a free slush! And if you get five friends to join, you will receive a twenty dollar gift card to Toys4U! That's right, it just keeps getting better and better! And if you raise more than 100 dollars through your collected sponsors, you can win a state of the art drone! So grab your helmet and sign up today! You'll receive a free Ride4Regesh tee shirt when you do! We look forward to seeing you there. Safe riding!