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Thank you so much for visiting my page!

So let me tell you a little about Tiferes Devorah L'kallah... When a kallah gets engaged the entire family is enveloped in a wave of Simcha and excitement. Yet it doesn't take long for financial reality to set in. The cost of setting up a new home, in addition to the wedding expenses is truly exorbitant.

Tiferes Devorah L'kallah is Reaching for the stars TDL has been the silent partner to many kallahs in the Lakewood community, ensuring that the engagement and wedding are joyous and stress-free. While providing quality goods, TDL fulfills an important necessity of preserving the dignity and self-respect of each kallah.

I have taken on the responsibility to enable TDL to continue to do its fantastic work, but I can only do it with your help! Your generous support will enable every kallah to build her new home on a solid foundation. May the zechus of supporting Lakewood's kallahs bring much Bracha and happiness into your own home. Please join me in SPONSORING A KALLAH!