How do I join the team?
You can sign up at by clicking on the "Register" tab on the top of the site and choose the option to join a team.
Will I be able to train and actually cross the finish line? Ah, I've never ran a (half) marathon before!
We have an amazing coach who will be visiting your inbox with training tips, schedules, and other important advice which will help prepare you to cross the finish line. He will be available via email and in person to coach you every step of the way!
How do I know how to properly train and treat myself for this race?
We are providing a coach that will provide training tips, schedules, and other important aspects to have your ready to cross the finish line by race morning. We'll be there every step of the way!
What is included in registration?
When you commit to the race you will be provided either with a spot on our group flight, or reimbursed up to $300 if you book separately, 3 nights and 4 days at our beautiful hotel, entry into the race, race paraphernalia, access to our amazing weekend program and more! The weekend program includes: Fully catered weekend meals from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon, including Friday night and Shabbat day meals, an amazing Saturday night pasta party and a post-race victory party and snacks.
How can I get donations in towards my collection goal?
There are two ways to get this done. Every runner or team will have their own page to write messages and inspirational stories to be viewed by their wonderful prospective donors. Donations can be made by credit card directly through that page, or alternatively, checks can be mailed to the K.O.C. office at the following address: Kids of Courage, 445 Central Avenue, Suite 216, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. Once the check is received, amount will be added to your fundraising total. Please send the check in an envelope and note the name of the runner and any message (if any) to be posted on your webpage.
How do "fundraising minimums" work?
Our goal with this event is to raise funds for an amazing cause. Therefore, each runner will commit to raising at least $3,500. If that minimum is not met, then the outstanding balance will be charged to the credit card that was provided upon registration within one week of the race.
Does everyone have the same fundraising minimum?
Everyone that signs up individually has the same fundraising requirement of $3,500. However, we offer a family discount in which 2 siblings, or spouses that register together will only be committed to a $6,200 minimum. Registering together also allows the team to fund raise and collect donations off of ONE webpage. How's that for personal?
I am in high school and want to join. Can you give me some more information?
If you are under 18 you will need a parent to sign a permission form.
I want to set my fundraising goal higher than the minimum of $3,500 per runner. If I don't meet my new fundraising goal, will my credit card be charged the remainder?
It's great to set high goals and we very much appreciate if you set a higher goal than $3,500, but you are only required to raise $3,500 per runner, so as long as you raise that amount, your credit card will not be charged.
Can I create my own team?
Sure you can - the more, the merrier! When registering before November 9th, you'll have three weeks to form a team. If registering after November 9th, you'll have until the end of November to form your team. If registering after November 30th, you'll have to register you and your teammates all at once.
Can I form a team, and how much does a team have to raise?
Sure you can form a team! A team is a minimum of 4 people with a maximum of 1 camper (a team doesn't need to have a camper). A team of 4 people must raise a minimum of $12,000 (as opposed to a total of $14,000), though we find that forming a team energizes the collective group to fundraise considerably more than the minimum. Once an initial team member signs up, the rest of the team has 3 weeks to join the team. For teams larger than 4 people, each person on the team is required to raise $3,000 toward the collective goal.
Are there special perks when an individual reaches a certain goal?
Here are the 2022 Race for Courage Incentives:

Everyone who reaches the $3500 goal gets an awesome Race4Courage weekend along with an amazing swag bag. PLUS:

Raise $4500, Receive a Smart Water Bottle

Raise $5000, Receive Apple Smart Watch - Customized with the K.O.C. logo

Raise $6000, Receive Apple Airpods - Customized with the K.O.C. logo

Raise $6500, Receive Beats Headphones - Customized with the K.O.C. logo

Raise $7500, Receive IPhone 13 - Customized with the K.O.C. logo

Raise $10,000, Receive Gym Membership at gym of your choice (Up to $600 Membership for 1 Year)

Raise $15,000, Receive Mirror Home Gym, Plus Membership for 1 Year

Raise $18,000, Receive Peleton

Raise $20,000, Receive Tonal Home Gym
I need more help!
That's OK! We are here for you anytime. Simply email [email protected] and run around the block once or twice.