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About NASI

Everyone talks about the shidduch crisis. But while most people throw their hands up and say, "there's nothing to do about it," and "it's our generation's nisayon ," the Nasi Project actively pursues solutions. And there are solutions.

From changing community trends, to hiring shadchanim and shidduch coaches, to working directly with singles, NASI is doing everything possible to get couples to the chuppah .

Your involvement in The Real Matching Campaign makes you NASI's partner in helping our singles find their match.


NASI, the North American shidduch Initiative, was founded in 2007 in response to the growing number of singles struggling to find shidduchim. Today, it is at the forefront of the shidduch scene. Our community outreach is changing deep-set trends, such as erasing the stigma of boys dating girls close to their own age -or even older than them- as well as adjusting the age boys start shidduchim. Our many programs are reaching thousands of singles and parents, and helping countless shidduchim - especially for singles who would otherwise fall under the radar - get off the ground.



Many singles don't make it to the average shadchan's roster. Orphans, children of divorced homes, and singles from families without much money, prestige or clout often fall under the radar. The Advocacy program gets these singles onto the shidduch market, where they're set up by shadchanim - often without the boys and girls ever knowing about the tremendous efforts made behind the scenes on their behalf.


A high-tech solution to an ancient problem, the state-of-the-art NASI App helps shadchanim keep track of shidduchim, dates and singles - and ensures that no one is forgotten.

Older Singles Team

Shidduchim for older singles (ages 28+) can be particularly challenging to see to fruition. So when three eminent shadchanim dedicated to this age range were about to abandon the cause, NASI stepped up to the plate. We put the shadchanim on a salary, so they could continue their crucial work, around the clock.

Shidduch Coaching

Every single can benefit from coaching - and NASI developed and released an audio series to help train prospective daters. The classes are a game-changer for boys and girls, in terms of helping them through the complexities of dating. To date, over 1500 singles and parents have downloaded the classes, with a large number crediting the lessons with helping them get to the chuppah, and beyond it.

Community, School, and Shul support:

Nasi is the go-to address for guidance when communities, schools and shuls seek to implement shidduch programs to serve the needs of their singles. NASI established effective, powerful programs in communities including Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, Passaic, Toronto and Detroit; and in local communities and shuls.

Chizuk Events for mature singles

Behind the scenes NASI sponsors monthly events in Lakewood and Brooklyn for single girls 23 and over, so they can get together and have a shidduch-free pleasant night out, to enjoy each other's company and feel "normal."

Shadchan support

NASI trains shadchanim in the use of Evernote, to manage their data on singles, and better remember and service the singles they have met.

Shadchan assistants - NASI'S new pilot project provides overwhelmed shadchanim with paid assistants. Like any secretary, a shadchan assistant takes over the technical aspects of the work, and frees up time for actual shidduchim.

Shadchan training - another new NASI pilot program offers a training course for new shadchanim, so that they are effective and successful.

Mentor Training:
NASI developed an extensive mentoring course for matchmakers, kallah teachers and mechanchos, so that they can guide singles through shidduchim and ensure that good matches are not put on hold, due a lack of support.

Subsidized Rental Cars program
NASI subsidizes the cost of rental cars for newly-dating boys and girls, removing one more obstacle from the dating process. The car rental program is extremely popular, and has already led to some 424 engagements, at a cost of over $300,000.

Reducing the Age Gap
NASI has earned worldwide renown for its efforts to educate the community about the dangers of the "Age Gap." The "Age Gap" occurs when boys marry younger girls, leaving a pool of older girls who don't have a large enough pool of qualified boys to marry. Over the course of a decade, we've brought about change, by:
  1. Encouraging boys to date girls their own age or older; and
  2. Encouraging boys to start dating sooner, creating a ripple effect where younger girls marry boys about their own age, rather than boys who are much older.
Through a massive decade-long media campaign, NASI has become part of the community's conscience, and has popularized slogans such as "Age is Just a Number," "Just Ask," and "It's no Illusion."


Our vision is to reduce the number of 'older singles' in the community by addressing the underlying root causes that have created the current difficulties in shidduchim, and continue to do everything possible to enable shidduchim and build many, many more batim ne'manim in Klal Yisroel.

Please join us.
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