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Founded in 2021 by a group of young adults who felt passionate about the fight against antisemitism, Enough Is Enough is a nonprofit organization that aims to combat antisemitism through young adults. As an organization founded and run by young adults, EIE creates solutions based on the experiences of those seeing the problem. By educating, uniting, and empowering young adults EIE promotes an environment where young adults have the tools to become activists and prepares them for real world encounters.

Enough is Enough plans various events and programs, including educational workshops, book clubs, self defense classes, panels, and more. So far we have:
• Engaged with over 1400 students on college campuses.
• Engaged with over 450 students in high school.
• Engaged with over 300 young professionals.
• Total impressions with over 6000 people.
• Provided individual case support for 15 students.
• Ran 4 book clubs aimed at educating the youth on Jewish history, Israel, and antisemitism.
• Raised awareness through 20 events.
• Got involved with 2 government policies.
• Collaborated with 14 organizations.
• Gave a workshop to senior classes in MDY & YOF high school regarding Jewish identity and readiness for college campuses.

As EIE grows we are always looking to innovate our activism and bring in new young activists, as well as work with established organizations. Our upcoming plans include a vibrant online education platform through various social media platforms, to continue planning and collaborating on various events and programs, expand our Teams on Campus presence, and support students facing antisemitism on campus. We also hope to serve as an opportunity to get involved for those looking to be a leader in activism, either as a career or as a passion.

This is just the beginning, but we need your help to continue growing. Every dollar will be directed to the EIE organization solely focused on Educating, Uniting, & Empowering students in the fight against antisemitism. EIE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We really appreciate your support.

To learn more about Enough is Enough, visit our website:

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