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Levy Yitzchok Oberlander
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My dear friends. About 13 years ago i had the זכות to be the first אחים ביחד counsler at Camp Simcha.... this past summer אחים ביחד had their very own חסידישע devision in camp!!! אחים ביחד has come a very long way, i remember when we had just a few volunteers strugling to provide for all patients and their families. My dear friends, under the leadership of Rabbi Hershy Katz אחים ביחד has grown exponentialy both in volunteers and in programs that they provide to the paitients and their families. Please help them continue their עבודת הקודש and support them now with as much as you possibly can. ובזכות זה may 'ה help that you should never ever need to use their services and you should only know of happiness.

Thank you very much

לוי יצחק (בר"ש) אבערלאנדער

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