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I'm an Achim Byachad - Chai Lifeline volunteer for 2 years and I wanted to share with you some of the behind the scenes I've witnessed.

To date, I've visited a large number of children suffereing from serious illnesses in hospitals or in their homes. Sometimes myself, sometimes with other volunteers we come and aim to spread some sunshine. We play games , shmooze, sing, laugh, and act silly. Parents have told me how much these visits and support have meant to them.

One parent of a child with a chronic illness expressed to me that prior to us stepping onto the scene she would sit in the hospital day in, day out. She had other children to care for at home but she didn't have anyone to take over at the hospital. She knew her kids were suffering but the situation was what it was and she didn't see another way. Plus it was becoming so difficult and depressing to sit in the hospital 24/7 knowing her family needed her care. She was exhausted and at the end of her rope.

Until we stepped into the scene and worked our magic. Every time we entered we saw her visibly relax. She sometimes stayed a little and then went home to care for the rest of her children while we completely took over and gave the child some much-needed fun, laughter, and entertainment. This really left a mark on me, I was touched how not only the child was being helped through Achim B'Yachad but it gave the mother and rest of the children at home some space to breathe.

My point in sharing is this: Achim Byachad -Chai Lifeline is so much more than just entertaining children with a serious illness. It's helping families survive this difficult and stressful time through various means like parties for the families, siblings, annual trips, gifts, shabbotons and by simply allowing the family to go on with some semblance of normalcy while we "take over ."

YOUR donation will help families deal with these challenging circumstances with dignity and support.

They fight the fight every day.

Join the fight, and fight with them.

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