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Talmud Torah Yesodei Hatorah is a non-profit 501c3 organization.


Rabbi Rother founded the ת"ת יסודי התורה in the summer of 2017, after having a playgroup for many years and putting the love of Torah and mitzvahs in the young kids he decided to take the jump and open a full ת"ת to be able to continue to instill the love of Torah and yideshkiet on a greater scale.

The ת"ת started in a basement with 10 kids, as the year moved on with a overwhelmingly positive success the ת"ת grew to 50 kids and Rabbi Rother saw the need to buy a building.

B"h the ת"ת is blossoming with 80 kids בלע"ה, the classrooms are full and it's time to expand again.

Let's help Rabbi Rother to be able to continue his amazing work.
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