To the Parent Body of The Toronto Cheder:
Thank you for joining in our fundraising efforts on behalf of your children.
When filling in the information on your registration page you will be given the option of choosing a goal. Your goal is the amount of money you hope to raise for the Cheder through this Raffle Campaign.
For every 10 tickets that are sold/bought through you, you will receive a complimentary ticket for the main raffle drawing. Additionally, you can earn a chance to win 50% off your oldest sons 2018-'19 tuition at The Toronto Cheder for every 15 tickets sold/bought through you. For example, if you sell 30 tickets you will receive 3 complimentary tickets to the main raffle drawing PLUS 2 chances to win the "tuition prize"!!
All tickets purchased through your personal raffle page will count towards your annual Give & Get.
After you register you will receive a link to send out to all your contacts, then just wait for the sales to come in!

If you have already purchased a ticket and want to register or would like to pay by check please contact the Cheder office at 416-636-2987 Ext 234.
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