The Happiness Campaign

The Happiness Campaign is the raffle campaign for our 2021 school year. Each year The Toronto Cheder hosts a raffle campaign to help fund the many programs that we make available to our hundreds of students. As a private school, The Toronto Cheder does not receive the same generous funding that public schools receive, and must use tuition money to help complement the funds received from the government. However, many students come from families that cannot fully pay tuition, and the policy of The Toronto Cheder is that no student will be turned away due to financial considerations. In fact, each and every student is treated equally regardless of background. Our annual raffle helps us meet our large annual budget, and each ticket sold is a big help towards our goal of closing our budget gap.

The Happiness campaign is our theme for this year's annual raffle. The Happiness campaign embraces the wholesome optimism of children. Children who are resilient and can rise to the challenges of COVID-19, as well as other challenges. The children in The Toronto Cheder embrace joy and happiness in a manner that brings a smile to all who see them. Our hope is that this campaign, with its touch of humor and non-traditional approach to design, will bring a smile to the faces of those who see it.

With a grand prize of $10,000 which one lucky winner can use to bring lots of smiles to his or her family, and other prizes that will surely bring joy to winners, it is important to note that each raffle ticket bought, regardless of whether it is a winning number, will bring smiles to hundreds of children striving to do their best in any circumstance.

Please buy a ticket, or several tickets, and remember - let's keep smiling!

The Toronto Cheder

The Toronto Cheder was founded in 1995 by a group of dedicated parents with a vision to provide a strong קודש foundation coupled with an excellent secular education for each child. Over the past 25 years, "the Cheder," as it is affectionately known, has established itself as a school known for its profound love of Torah learning and commitment to mentchlechkeit, in addition to setting high standards in General Studies, and has become a model for Jewish education in Toronto. The Cheder's enrollment has grown exponentially. With over 350 students, the Cheder currently has parallel classes from Senior Kindergarten through Grade 8.

The Cheder is located at 475 Patricia Avenue.