When a kallah celebrates her engagement, the entire family is enveloped in a wave of simcha and excitement. Yet, it doesn't take long for the financial realities to set in: besides for the actual wedding, the cost of setting up a home can be prohibitive. While many people somehow find the financial wherewithal to purchase the essentials for a home, there are so many families who simply cannot afford these basics. The financial and emotional burden can completely undermine the atmosphere of simcha at this joyous time.

Tiferes Devorah L'Kallah is THE ANSWER TO HOW thousands of Lakewood kallahs set up their new homes. TDL steps in to alleviate the financial burden associated with setting up a new home and to ensure that the engagement and wedding are a joyous and stress-free time.

TDL's kallah packages are remarkably comprehensive, including two sets of bedding and linen, towels, a full array of small appliances, dishes, flatware, tablecloth, dinette set, sheva brochos clothing vouchers for the kallah and her mother, and even a shaitel. The package is valued at over $5,500. But it's not just about quantity: TDL kallahs are treated to a showroom experience, choosing from a wide selection of stylish, quality items that would make any kallah proud. With TDL's trademark sensitivity and discretion, each kallah works with the designated TDL showroom assistant of her choice. The TDL shopping experience is identical to that of shopping in a conventional store - minus the price tag.

TDL also assists families with different levels of financial needs, offering modified less-inclusive packages, or the option of purchasing the household package at a wholesale price.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Tiferes Devorah L'Kallah did not stop their vital work. They came through in a time of uncertainty, bringing true simcha and serenity to their kallahs.

Please join us in being the ANSWER TO HOW!!