Cancer. The mere mention of this dreaded disease evokes feelings of unease. Some refuse to allow its name to cross
their lips, simply referring to it as "that disease." In a world where crucial medical decisions need to be made,
effective treatment plans must be settled, medical bills must be paid and battles with insurance companies are waged
at every moment. The overwhelming fear itself knows no bounds.

Since its inception in 1997, RCCS (Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society) has played a critical role, providing hope and relief
for cancer patients, support for their families and the means to survive. Without RCCS, thousands of people would
stare death in the face with little chance of recovery and survival. RCCS stands by each individual throughout
every step of the process, holding their hands along the way to help them fight and win the war against
cancer. RCCS literally funds miracles, giving life to cancer patients, offering a ray of hope to families and
creating an army of survivors.

The Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society provides an array of services to cancer patients and their families, enabling them to
secure the best possible medical care. Notably, among the myriad of services offered by RCCS, is their health
insurance premium and medical service subsidies, as well as medical direction, which provides patients with broader
access to global oncologists and leaders in the cancer treatment field. Every single dollar that RCCS gives out to
patients is approved by its board of volunteers, ensuring tremendous oversight and responsibility.