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    Rav Dick was a great person and is tremendous loss for Sinai Academy
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    A talmid chochom and lamdin - the pride of Rabbi Dick, Sinai and Bais Avigdor
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Sinai Academy is an organization that is extremely close to my heart. They are doing an incredible job saving neshamos of boys from Russia. If not for Sinai, many of their students would be in public school. Sinai provides them with a connection and an excitement for Yiddishkeit.

This year, the campaign is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Nochum Dick, Ztz"l Sinai's beloved Chairman of the Board.  I had personally known Rabbi Dick for over 25 years, he was like a father and a Rav to me for all this time.  I saw from “inside” what Sinai meant to him, he gave his lev v'nefesh to ensure that each Sinai student thrives.

We must rededicate ourselves to continue the legacy of Rabbi Dick. Sinai Academy can not do this alone. That is why, I have taken upon myself to help Sinai generate much needed funds. I have signed up for the Sinai Legacy Campaign and have partnered in their holy work. My goal is to raise $15,000. Please help me reach my goal by contributing generously.

All donations are tax deductible. It is quite simple to donate. Just enter the amount you wish to contribute and hit the donate button.