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    In honor of Jakob and Eitan Laskin, and your school which you are all keeping yiddishkeit alive. May you both continue striving higher and higher, making hashem and Am Yisroel proud!
  • Dekel Taylor
  • Eitan Moshe Laskin
  • M. L Bunk Kosher
    In honor of the tremendous work and effort that they have been putting in their Judaism #what’slifewithoutJudaism!!!
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Dear Family and Friends,
"I love going to school!" These words are definitely a parent's dream to hear from their son. At Sinai Academy, the students thrive in a warm atmosphere that focuses on nurturing a lifelong love of learning Torah and appreciating Yidishkeit. Considering that many students at Sinai Academy came from Public Schools with no previous knowledge of Torah, this is nothing short of miraculous!
Please support Sinai's unique model of Torah education to a segment of Klal Yisroel that may have c"v been lost from Yidishkeit, if not for Sinai.
You can do this by purchasing tickets to win amazing prizes, while enabling Sinai to continue its holy work.
Please help me reach my goal by contribution to Sinai's upcoming virtual Auction. It is as easy as clicking the Donate button on the top right of the screen.

Thank you and TizkuL'Mitzvos!