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The Chinese Auction is no longer available online.

This campaign is now over. This account is no longer active.

Halachic Note: According to most poskim (authorities of Jewish law), even a single ticket inappropriately placed into (or left out of) a raffle or auction may render the entire drawing invalid. Therefore, the only feasible way to conduct a large public auction, is to rely on the fact that all the donors participate with the understanding that they are relying on the good faith efforts of the sponsoring organization to do all they can to maintain the integrity of the event. Should an inappropriate ticket slip by (or a paid ticket be omitted), the donors have accepted this possibility and release the sponsoring charity and the prize winners of any claim. Please be assured that we have been, and will continue to be, as vigilant as possible to avoid this from happening. Nonetheless, we do need to ask for your understanding in the event that anything slips by.

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