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Joel, Perri AndFamily $200.00
We are so proud of u !!
Meir Tesser $200.00
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SHim ANd TZip $100.00
Nechama we r rooting for you!!!! U got this girl!!!!!!
Mom And Ta Tesser $100.00
We love you nechama!! Keep strong!!
Liyah Eliyahu $100.00
Such an honorable cause!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this Nechama. You’re a blessing ❤️
Leah Tesser $75.00
GO NECHAMA!!!!!! You are incredible!!!!!!
Leah Weichbrod $65.00
You’re the best Nechama!! Keep it up♥️♥️
T ZAhler $64.00
Keep up the hard work!
Adel Stern $54.00
Good for you!!! Hatzlacha!!!!
Hillel And Michal Brull $50.00
Nechama!!!!! We are rooting for you!!!! We are so proud!!
Yocheved Gershon $50.00
Well done Nechama go for it!!!
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Abba And Batsheva Scholar $50.00
Go Nechama!! Were so proud of u
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RW $36.00
Go Nechama!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!! Keep it up!!!
Tzip Markowits $36.00
Nechama!!!! We miss you.... you're so amazing!!!
Benny & Pessi Harbater $36.00
Chany Brach $25.00
Go Nechama!
Breindel Werner $20.00
NECHAMA LEAH!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!
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Chaya SMith $20.00
Hatzlocha ❤️
Pessie Harari $18.00
U can do it best of luck!!! U got this run for ur life man😍🏃‍♀️
Yaakov And Malky Tesser $18.00
Good luck.
Faigy Elefant $18.00
Nechama keep up the great work!
Deenah Furst $18.00
So proud of you ! Hatzlacha!
ESther GOldstien $18.00
Miriam Salamon $15.00
Nechama u are one amazing person!!
PESSY BLonder $10.00
Good luck
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