The one and only race designed for women offering the opportunity to run in a beautiful private setting,
while transforming the future of hundreds of girls.

Many women would love an extra dose of motivation and meaning within the daily routine of their lives. A great workout can provide that energizing boost; combining that with a higher purpose results in a truly invigorating experience!

Batya, a network for teenage girls, believes in the power of every individual to make a difference. Run With Batya offers you the unique opportunity to participate in an energizing race, achieving your exercise goals with professional coaching, while bringing in the sponsorships to impact the lives of others.

Join up with women and girls who take up the challenge to achieve their goals, while enabling Batya girls to achieve theirs. No experience necessary - as our runners include all skill levels. With a 5K and 10K option, professional coaching support, and a great team spirit, every runner is a winner!


Batya is a network for teenage girls, empowering the future of Jewish women with a strong supportive network, transformative learning experiences, and actualization of inner strengths and skills. Batya's programs give teens the opportunity to explore the wonder within themselves, building enduring relationships and developing a true sense of pride and identity as a person and as a Jew.

With branches throughout New Jersey, Long Island, and in Florida, Illinois and Maryland, Batya is touching the lives of hundreds of girls. Weekly programming, Shabbatyas, and an incredible array of trips and special events, including our ski retreat and W.O.W. (Week on wheels) summer road trip, are designed to strengthen relationships, skills, and self-awareness, while encouraging our girls to 'love life' with a fun and upbeat approach.

Join with Batya as we educate, empower and strengthen the identities of hundreds of Jewish teens, exposing them to the beauty of Torah and Judaism. Enrich the lives of our girls to inspire and lead with confidence and self-respect, building the future of Jewish women!

For more information visit www.batyagirls.org