Camp Red Leaf serves hundreds of both youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities of any nature from all across the Midwest.

Camp Red Leaf campers confront lifelong intellectual or developmental disabilities that challenge their daily occupational functioning, including language communication, hygiene tasks, mobility, personal agency, and limited independence.

Campers attend Camp Red Leaf every year for an environment that is fully accessible and accommodating specifically with its one-to-one staff-to-camper assistance for 24 hours per day.

Camp Red Leaf campers are encouraged to work on personal goals which include increasing independence, communicating in new ways, or building up the courage to try something new.

All of this and more in an environment that does not constantly remind them about their disabilities.

Camp Red Leaf is the place where individuals with disabilities can just be themselves without any burdensome accommodation needs preventing their unencumbered fun.

After all, that's what camp should be.

About Run for Red Leaf

Camp Red Leaf does not cover its operating budget on just camp fees alone. To that end, we turn to generous supports like you to enable Camp Red Leaf to thrive and maintain its place as the premier camping and respite destination for hundreds of campers that love and cherish Camp Red Leaf.