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Yakov Gobioff

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  • Rabbi Simcha Scholar
    You are making everyone very proud
  • Abraham Reich
    Zeidy reich would've been very proud of you
  • Uncle Ari And Tanta Rochel Leah Stern
    hatzlacha from the best Aunt and Uncle!
  • Yehuda Altusky
  • Zaidy LOVES YOU
  • Yehuda Altusky
  • Mordechai Gobioff
    Wow Yankala! we are so proud of you!
  • Nacho
    Kol hakavod yankala, I envy your zchus!!!
  • Mayer Fischl
    Yankele Gobiof!! A tzaddik like his parents!! From Mayer & Chaya Rivka Fischl
  • Yosef Chaim
    Yankela - I'm honored to be your bro!
  • Sruli Fried
    In honor of your special parents may you go in their "drachim"
  • Heshy Katz
    Yankala you are a great inspiration. Chai Lifeline = Chai Dollars
  • Hudson Street Neighbors
    Great Work Yankala
  • Hersh Moskovits
    Yankala Chazak!
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Hello, and thanks for visiting my page.
I'm Riding 4 Regesh so other boys just like me have someone to talk to. Please sponsor me generously!!!
(Yeah, I want to get some awesome prizes too :)

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