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Chiam Boruch Berkovic

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  • Ari Berkovic
    In honor of our dear son Chaim Boruch!!! Keep it up
  • Shmuel Berkovic
  • Moshe Braun
    Chaim Boruch keep up the great work
  • Lezer Loewy
    To my dear nephew, we’re so proud of you!
  • Volvie Berkovic
    Chaim B. Amazing Job! Hatzlacha!!
  • Zeidy From CLEVELAND
    Way to go Chaim Boruch !!!!
  • MOOKIE ;)
    Because you're a rock star! Lchaim :)
  • Arye Leib & Toby Schreiber
    In honor of a very special nephew!
  • Sruly Herzog
  • Yoini Braun
    Mazel Tov CB upon reaching your goal !!!!
  • Zeidy Braun
  • Shraga Tessler
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Hello, and thanks for visiting my page.

I'm Riding 4 Regesh so other boys just like me have someone to talk to. Please sponsor me generously!!!
(Yeah, I want to get some awesome prizes too :)


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