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Miriam Klugman $360.00
In honor of my dear cousins whom I adore and look up to! You are my inspiration and my role models! I think you are both awesome and amazing!!
Anonymous Sponsor $320.00
Adina Lercher $235.00
In Honor of the Klugmanns!!!!
Chanie Housman $180.00
Hatzlacha to the most Awesome cousins! May this be a zchus!
Rivky Grossman $180.00
Breindel Mintz $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $165.00
Anonymous Sponsor $120.00
Hatzlacha and tizku lemitzvos!
Anonymous Sponsor $102.50
Devora Rubin $100.00
bkarov mamash!
Sarah Perlow $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $75.00
In honor of my dear friends!
Adina Klugman $75.00
Anonymous Sponsor $75.00
Chaya Rochel Jager $75.00
in honor of hadassa breindel!!
Faigy Delman $75.00
Rose Waxman $75.00
Mommy $50.00
Lichvod my special daughters (and great volunteers)!!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Elkie Black $50.00
Rivky Eisenbach $50.00
Hindy Gobioff $50.00
Chava Leah Weiss $50.00
Roizy Irons $50.00
H Klugman $50.00
Miriam Sinsky $40.00
Sarah Ambalu $40.00
In honor of the best roomie Hadasa Breindel!!!!!
Chaya Gity Gugenheim $40.00
Aunt Sarah $36.00
Chaya Pick $36.00
Baila Quinn $36.00
Hindy Sabo $36.00
Esther S. Kotler $35.00
In honor of the greatest cousins ever!!!!
Liba Singer $25.00
Miriam Ganz $25.00
Reuven Waxman $25.00
Chaya Adler $25.00
Chana Ganz $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
Miriam K. $10.00
Anonymous Sponsor $5.00
Rivka Toiba Rowner $5.00
To the best Tantas in the world! Keep treating me! Cant wait to dance!!!
C. R. $2.00