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Curt Ayers $2,575.00
Char Adams $2,500.00
In memory of YYT
Akiva Brandman $2,000.00
In memory of YYT
Steve Hanson $2,000.00
In memory of YYT!
Jeff Hanson $2,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
Ron Benner $2,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
Yaacov Mashiach $1,800.00
You better win or I want a refund.
Nancy Iannotta $1,500.00
Happy Gilmore $1,400.00
Shimon Meystel $1,000.00
David Hartman $1,000.00
Yechiel Mashiach $1,000.00
Hillel And Malka Frankel $1,000.00
Janice Joliff $1,000.00
In memory of YYT
Linzi Gazga-Parish $1,000.00
In memory of YYT
Jack Hanson $1,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
Ashley Streu $1,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
Margaret Ryan $1,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
Gretchen Booth $1,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
David Maxwell $1,000.00
In Memory of YYT!
Alan Skidelsky $500.00
Tzvi Ray $500.00
We will settle for no less than a hat trick this year!!!!
Steven Schreiber $500.00
Ken Berger $500.00
Anelio Lindsey $400.00
Jeremy And Rebecca Amster $370.80
L'ilu Nishmas.
Nesanel And Shira Cohen $360.00
Shimmy Webster $360.00
Shuey Nudell $360.00
Aron, if i see you anywhere near a pair of skates I'm wrapping your stick around your neck
Yosef Knopf $360.00
Howard Borenstein $200.00
Miguel Torres $200.00
Hessie And Barry Needle $193.64
with much love -
Tzvi Topper $185.40
Yaakov Topper $185.40
Oren And Noemy Skidelsky $185.40
Akiva Topper $185.40
Love from the Monsey Toppers!
Ari And Shanie Cohen $185.40
Li' iluy nishmas YYT. May the outpouring of chesed be a tremendous zechus for him!
Daniel O'Brien $185.40
Mark Brog $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
aliyas neshama !
Ephraim Braunstein $180.00
AVrum WEinfeld $180.00
SImcha Adelman $180.00
One step closer to Isenberg
Elly Bachrach $180.00
Refuah Shlaima Aaron, get back out there!!
David Merzel $180.00
Debbie Fishbain $108.00
Anonymous Sponsor $108.15
Ari And Emily Yolkut And Family $108.00
Aaron and Cici: Thinking of you guys, From Ari’s crew.
Ori Topper $103.00
Warren Katzman $103.00
In honor of a very special family - Amy and Warren Katzman - Friends of the Kaganoff's
Haddar Freund $103.00
Mayer And Yali Cohen $103.00
Shani Topper $103.00
Yehoshua & Freyda L. Falik $103.00
In memory of YY
Tzvi Bider $100.00
Reuven Isaacs $100.00
Leslie Scheid $100.00
Suchi Ehrman $100.00
Topper stay FOCUSED and u will get to your goal
Moshe Davis $100.00
Mayer WEiner $100.00
Nechama Aronin $74.16
Sirki Goode $72.00
Keeping the legend alive ❤️
Dovid Seitler $72.00
Molly & Aharon Cohen $72.00
Charles & Linda FernM $58.71
Shmuel & Dina G $55.62
David Maler $51.50
Thank you reb Ahron
Moshe Cheplowitz $51.50
לזכר נשמת יעקב ישראל בן אהרן יוסף הכהן
Anonymous Sponsor $51.50
Betzalel And Meira Schur $50.00
Shmuel & Dina Gulevsky $50.00
Refoel Emert $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor $37.08
Dovi Mueller $37.08
Yisroel Blaustein $36.00
I told you there'd be more ;)
ELi Newmark $18.54
Israel Blaustein $18.54
May the best man win!
Simcha Schur $18.00
L'iluy nishmas Yaakov Yiss #Friend4Life
Anonymous Sponsor $10.30
Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
Michael Ovitsky $4.00