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  • Aaron Topper
    Truly Legendary! This video MUST go viral!
  • Ariel Gutnicki
    For legitimately being a legend on that plane
  • MO Isenberg
    Wow man. Just. Wow.
  • Airport Security
  • Shlomo Daniels
    Thank you for flying the friendly skies.
  • Jason Ashman
    You set the standard for airline safety!
  • Aron Steier
    The man the myth the legend!
  • Judah Ehrman
  • Jeff Bajtner
    Stepping up to the challenge of bringing cheer to the friendly skies:)
  • Raffie Zuroff
    You are awesome!!!
  • SOlomon RAdner
    That airport run. Simply amazing. #dedication
  • Adam Parnass
    Absolutely fantastic on all accounts
  • Sam Medow
  • Moshie Ovitsky
    You may not be the best poker player but you may be the best and most courageous person I know!!!!
  • Ezra Daitchman
    Pure Dedication!!
  • Stuart Gourdji
  • Matthew Fuerst
    #thelegend I was living vicariously through those videos and pictures, I was jealous to say the least.
  • Josh Ross
    You're the man
  • Tzadok Weinberg
  • Eli Seligson
  • Suki
  • Moshe Nisenbaum
    Chips-You rock!
  • Ari Strulowitz
  • Mark Fine
    Legendary level of commitment to craziness and RCCS
  • Anonymous Sponsor
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On February 9th, I will be facing off against Cancer, as I play in the RCCS Hockey Classic, benefiting the many Chicago cancer patients and their families.

The mission of RCCS is to tackle cancer challenges, ease medical treatment, cover insurance premiums to lighten the financial burden, and make cancer care more accessible. Without this great organization, thousands of people would stare death in the face with little chance of recovery and survival. RCCS stands by each individual throughout every step of the process, holding their hand along the way to help them fight and win the war against cancer.
Please help this lifesaving organization by supporting me and my team, as together we face off against cancer.

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