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Based on the vision of the late Pilzno Rav, Rabbi Yosef Singer zt'l, the Pilzno Community has been actualized by Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi.
At Pilzno, our mission is to help individuals, groups and communities to become shalem b'gashmiut (physically whole) and shalem b'ruchaniut (spiritually whole), through applied programs and services tailored to fit each individual's needs.

Our main messages are:
- Having an emotionally healthy and mindful lifestyle with clear communication.
- Furthering and fostering unity, inclusion, commitment and community.
- Maintaining a steadfast devotion to Torah values.

In Pilzno, we are passionately engaged with inspiring others to grow and strengthen themselves. Inner strength allows for fuller, more exciting and healthier lives.

Although the specific mission of the Pilzno Shul is to work within the Ramat Shilo community and improve it, we also keep in contact with all the Rabbanim in the community and encourage strong, inter-shul relationships. This is part of our vision that our Shul is part of a wider community with the power to effect real change.

Our Shul works to create stronger individuals and families who will in turn impact their communities and environments.
Strong communities impact cities and strong cities impact their country (in this case, our beloved Land of Israel).
Strong countries impact the entire world: creating more compassionate, loving, beautiful and enlightened places to live.
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