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I Want To Share With You About A Cause That Is Very Dear To Me...

The 21st century has brought with it fresh challenges to the integrity of the Jewish people and continuation of Jewish practice.

What once sufficed to inspire Jews to ascend to higher levels in their personal relationship with HaShem is often inadequate in today's environment of instant gratification and unlimited possibilities for sensual indulgence.

Our technology is incredible and always improving. The world is wealthier than our ancestors dreamed it could ever be. There is opportunity everywhere...

... Yet in the realms of spirit, relationships, and emotional health, most people are struggling and often failing.

The contrast between humanity's physical prowess, and spiritual/relationship/emotional incompetence, is astonishing.

What are we to do in order to stand up to the challenges of this new era? How do we inspire a new generation? How do we leverage society's advances to elevate them to holiness, and how do we build a people whose spiritual, relationship, and emotional health at least matches our physical well-being?

One Man With A Bold Vision

Enter Rav Yehoshua Gerzi and the Pilzno community.

As many of you know, we have had the privilege of being part of Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi's shul and community.

RavGerzi is a genuinely exceptional individual. He has all of the credentials you would expect of a Rav:

  • Years of experience personally attending to great Rabbonim (such as Dayan Lopian, the SassoverRebbe, and the PilznoRav)
  • Multiple smicha's and dayanus
  • Familiarity with all the Talmud, Shulchan Aruch, and much much more

He also has some interesting credentials you would most definitely not expect:

  • Background as a physical therapist and nutritionist
  • Black belt in Judo (he puts the "Jew" in Judo)
  • Experience giving somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000 free counseling sessions each year to people of all backgrounds

RavGerzi has a vision to create a community that addresses the challenges of the 21st century. Based on the tradition he received from his Rabbi's (and going straight back to the Baal Shem Tov), that vision includes:

  • A passionate adherence to Shulchan Aruch
  • A vibrant community in which people are supported by one another
  • A focus on physical and financial health
  • A strong emphasis on developing mindfulness
  • A culture of growing in every aspect of life, while remaining balanced

RavGerzi has helped countless individuals find their way to a healthy, balanced, exciting, fulfilling Torah life.

Join Us On Our Journey To Revitalize The Jewish People

MishpachatPilzno is a cause that is extremely close to my heart. To help share my passion for this cause and generate much needed funds, I will be participating in the Rayze4Pilzno 2019 Purim campaign.

My goal is to raise ₪1000. I hope you can help me reach my goal by contributing to my campaign. Donating is simple just enter your amount and hit donate below.

Today, RavGerzi's shul is the basement of his home. It seats 100 people, and every seat is taken on Shabbos.

The time has come to grow the community and to build the space it needs to reach its potential. The shul simply has to move in order to accommodate demand.

That's why I am asking you to consider making a donation to help out the Pilzno community.

The community has no major benefactor, and the Rav supports himself and his family by working (in addition to the 1,000,000 things he does for the Jewish people every week).

By donating to this cause, you can help bring RavGerzi's vision to life and play a role in the Jewish people's next step, to a brighter, happier, healthier, more real expression of Torah. KlalYisrael depends on it.