Our Congregation

The congregation of the Pilzno Shul and those born in Israel, Baalei Teshuva and those born into religious homes can all find a welcoming environment.
In our congregation, full-time learners daven alongside company CEOs. Teenagers, doctors, mothers, professors, writers and film-makers are just some of the many exciting people that make up our vibrant community.
Rather than seeking to define ourselves by externalities, the Pilzno Shul is defined by our efforts to create an atmosphere of Jewish unity (achdut).

About Our Beit HaMidrash

The activities of the Pilzno Shul take place in our Beit HaMidrash, Beit David Pilzno, which was founded in 2010 (5770) as a one-room shul that seated 30 people.
Beit David Pilzno was expanded in 2012 (5772) to seat 100 people, along with a kitchen, separate men's and women's bathrooms, two offices, and central air conditioning.
We strive to keep the Beit HaMidrash clean and orderly, returning everything to its proper place.

Our Campaign

With the shul and our community Boruch Hashem rapidly growing, we are forced to start looking for our new home, a new makom for our learning & davening. The focus of this campaign is to raise money so the future development of Pilzno goes Be'ezras Hashem, successfully and smoothly.