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  • Rena Cole
  • Stephen Kraskin
    Josh - all the best to you and Avishai with this year's race
  • Naomi & Ori Carmel
    Yasher Koach guys!
  • Judith Shields
    The best roommate at MMY's Amazing Dad!
  • Rena Appel Schainholz
    Keep inspiring us in good health
  • Jonathan Frenkel & Tova Jaffe
    Go Team Seidemann!!
  • Craig Simon
    Way to go! Remember- one foot in front of the other!
  • Aaron & Rona Lerner
  • Hirsh And Chayie Chinn
    Go Team Seidemann. We're rooting for you!
  • Menachem Zehnwirth
    Avishai - try not to leave your father too far behind!
  • Benjamin Bazian
    Kol Hakavod. Happy to have someone else to the heavy lifting.
  • Judy & Mitch Taragin
    Faster!!! Renee is chasing you!
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Last year, it was virtual. This year, it's for real.

Thank you for visiting page. I'll be honest. I am not a runner Sure, after a few weeks of training I get the itch and then I enjoy it, but . . . So, why I am running 4x a week to train for a half marathon? Because it is the least that I can do for Kids of Courage . . . because I owe it (and much more) to Kids of Courage . . . because there is little I could ever do that could begin to match the hope, optimism, cheer, and happiness that KOC provides its campers and families throughout the year. And last year was a tough one, too, but KOC was there for its campers and families with medical and other support. Visting www.kidsoc.org to learn more about this incredible organization does for children with chronic illness and disability - and then join me as we race together to help them do even more.

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