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  • Rena Cole
  • Carol & Herbie Lempel
    You both make us so proud!! Tizku L'mitzvot!
  • Jerome Goldstein
  • Elliot Goodman
    Go Josh and Avishai
  • Eli And Esti
  • Jeremy Schnittman
    much hatzlacha! train hard!
  • Betty Ehrenberg
    You go, Josh and Avishai!
  • Cow Bell Ringer
    Ask not for whom the cow bell tolls . . . run on, run on!
  • Laurie Rosenblatt
  • Renee Seidemann
    Run boys, run!
  • Ruthie Seidemann
  • Natalie Berenstein
  • Sara And Stephen Kraskin
    Josh - all the very best to you and Avishai on this year's race
    Go team Seidemann! תזכו למצות!
  • Joel & Yael Seidemann
    Great work Cousin Josh and Avishai
  • Rachel & Michael Ravin And Family
    Go Blue!!!
  • Robert Shechter
    Kol HaKavod! Proud to participate.
  • Melissa And Chad Miller
  • Art Boyars & Bev Morris
    We're proud of your involvement.
    Kol Hakavod, Josh and Avishai!
  • Ben Rothke
    Go Team Seidemann!
  • Lawton And Robin Cooper
    Way to go Seidemanns! You are both inspirational role models.
  • Ethan Cohen
  • Anonymous Sponsor
    Kol Hakavod!
  • Jill Canfield
  • Rena & Jay Schainholz
    Sp proud of you! Go team! You inspire us!
  • Peninah And Greg Gershman
    Go Team Seidemann/men’s!
  • Bernice Goldstein
  • Zev Hochberg
  • Robert Zak
    Best Wishes!
  • Lisa Brody
    So proud of you guys! Leslie, Lisa, Jared, Jenna and Noah
  • David Marwick
  • Micha Zwick
    Go Team Seidemann! Hope to see you on the streets of Miami again.
  • Jonathan & Tova
    So cool that you are doing this together!
  • Deb & Dave Sloan
  • Annick And Lowell Abrams
    This is so awesome! I can’t wait to see you two training!!
  • Rachelli And Craig Simon
  • Aaron & Rona Lerner
  • Kelsey Family
  • Hirsh & Chayie Chinn
    Go Team Seidemann! This is fabulous! Hirsh & Chayie Chinn
  • Benjamin Bazian
    Chazak V'Amatz!!
  • Ellen And Larry Korb
    Best wishes.
  • Judah And Carolyn Kaplan And Family
    May your whole family be blessed with a year full of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity.
  • Judy And Stuart Rosenthal
  • Menachem & Nechy Zehnwirth
    Way to go, Avishai!! Great idea to drag your father along!!
  • Scott Schlesinger
  • Judy & Mitch Taragin
    Go Rabbi Seideman and your dad too!!!
  • Menachem And Miri Gottlieb
    B'Hatzlachah, Josh and Avishai!
  • Geoffrey Rosenbloom
  • Dean And Devorah Grayson
    Best of Luck, Team Seidemann! Have a fun and safe ride.
  • JOhn GOlin
  • Menucha Weiss
  • Luke Druskin
    Go Josh and Avishai!!!
  • David Hornestay
  • Becca Kugler
    Best of luck! We will cheer you on when we see you guys running! We are lucky to have such awesome neighbors!!
  • Carol Mallison
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We have been privileged to be part of the Kids of Courage family since 2014. We can only begin, but could never complete, describing the impact KOC has had on our lives. The volunteers and medical teams are inspiring and bring hope and happiness not only to the campers but to their families, as well.

Last year, I ran the half-marathon to help "give back." This year, I have a teammate - Avishai, who has participated in several KOC ski trips and summer adventures. We're training hard - join us as we help an organization that helps so many others. Our goal is to raise $7,000. We hope you can help us reach our goal by contributing to our campaign (and all contributions are tax deductible). Thank you so much.