SPF Integrated Fundraising Platform

Raise Funds Simply

With snail mail and checkbooks going the way of the dinosaur, the only way to your donor´s wallet is via their electronic device. Every day that your organization is without a donor processing platform is another day down the road to obsoletion. Our platform is geared to special events with pre-defined donation amounts, donor levels, event reservations and journal options.
Captivating Design
  • Semi-custom site branding
  • Pre-defined donation amounts
  • Dedication name and description
  • Campaign barometer
  • Real-time donor scroll
Robust Functionality
  • Auto-generated e-mail receipt
  • Notification email to organization
  • Use your own payment processor
  • Tracking software
  • Event reservations
  • Journal ad processing
  • Ongoing campaign support
  • Zero transaction fee
Site Amenities
  • In memory/honor option
  • Personal message option
  • Request receipt by mail
  • Additional fields available
  • Social media sharing
Administrative Control
  • Donation management
  • Generate reports
  • Integrate-able export
  • Sort/filter/export options