Electronic Auction Platform

Sell Tickets. Less Work.

There are many auction and raffle resources on the market. But, none of them can stand-up to the automation, features and capabilities of the AuctionRayze™ platform by Rayze.It. AuctionRayze™, the flagship technology that has made Duvys the leader in electronic auction programming for close to two decades, is now available at your fingertips for a price that suits your budget and campaign.
Captivating Design
  • Semi-custom site branding
  • Organization description
  • Ticket packages
  • Multi-level prize displays
Robust Functionality
  • Auction book download
  • Auto-generated e-mail receipt
  • Notification email to organization
  • Use your own payment processor
  • Third party integrations
  • Automatic charging
  • Tracking software
  • Advanced cart calculator
  • Early bird options
  • Promotional coupon codes
  • Ongoing campaign support
  • Zero transaction fee
Site Amenities
  • In memory/honor option
  • Personal message option
  • Request receipt by mail
  • Social media sharing
Administrative Control
  • Donation management
  • Generate reports
  • Auto generated ticket printing
  • Integrate-able export
  • Sort/filter/export options