Peer-2-Peer Campaign Platform

Spread your network.
Sky's the limit!

Peer-Rayze™ turns each of your organization's donors, friends and prospects into active fundraisers for your cause. Harness the power of each of their social networks, and then sit back and watch the money flow in. Peer-to-peer campaigns are proven to enhance donor affinity by bringing them on board for the cause rather than just asking for their money. A significant number of the new donors generated through these networks can then be cultivated to become regular contributors to your cause. This multiple page platform can be fully customized to the specifics of your campaign.
  • Customizable Participant and Team Pages
  • Easy sharing options
  • Participant Account App
  • Promotes & Competes Top Rayzers


Time-based Matching Campaigns

Raise Funds in Hours

The spontaneous energy and excitement of these short-run campaigns creates a sense of urgency, with complete strangers contributing generously to causes they have never responded to before. The matching donors provide the incentive for this limited time offer for donors to earn a maximum bang for their buck, achieving million-dollar fundraising goals in a matter of hours!
  • Choose your number of matchers
  • Marketing Tools and Tips
  • Zero Transaction Fee
  • Personal Affiliate Pages


Electronic Auction Platform

Sell Tickets.
Less Work.

There are many auction and raffle resources on the market. But, none of them can stand-up to the automation, features and capabilities of the AuctionRayze™ platform by Rayze.It. AuctionRayze™, the flagship technology that has made Duvys the leader in electronic auction programming for close to two decades, is now available at your fingertips for a price that suits your budget and campaign.
  • Multiple Price Categories
  • Prize Image and Description Pop-ups
  • Compatible with Discounts & Packages
  • Direct Ticket Printing


SPF Integrated Fundraising Platform

Raise Funds Simply

With snail mail and checkbooks going the way of the dinosaur, the only way to your donor's wallet is via their electronic device. Every day that your organization is without a donor processing platform is another day down the road to obsoletion. Our platform is geared to special events with pre-defined donation amounts, donor levels, event reservations and journal options.
  • Dinner, Raffle, Golf and Simple Payment Form Options
  • Real-time Payment Processing
  • Report Generation & Integration
  • Event Reservations & Journal Ads

What our clients are saying

Fundrayzeing platforms that perform!

If you're hesitant, or even clueless, about making the transition to electronic fundraising, Rayze.It by Duvys Media is just what your organization has been waiting for. As pioneers of the web media industry, we wrote the book on fundraising platforms.

Rayze.It puts the power of today's most cutting-edge fundraising tools right at your fingertips, no matter how un-tech savvy you or your organization may be. Best of all, we don't charge a transaction fee!

Our fully-automated platforms are designed to execute every aspect of your campaign from conception thru completion. Packages are available with various levels of support and add-on features.

Our platforms have raised over

$1 Billion

in online funds!

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