Pico Bais Medrash or "PBM" as it is affectionately known was born in the spring of 2011. We are a community of young professionals focused on integrating spiritual growth in oureveryday lives. Genuine davening, a night kollel, shiurim for women, and yom tov events propelled PBM from a small startup shul to a vibrant community. Come experience the warm and energetic atmosphere where you will surely feel elevated and inspired!

About the event

A lot of charities put on annual gala banquet dinners to raise
the money they need to make it from year to year.
Now, we don't want to say that charity banquet dinners are
boring. Tedious. Dull. Stuffy. Routine. Longwinded. Ho hum.

Hoary. Unimaginative. Soporific.
That would be impolite.

Let's just say, charity banquet dinners are not our style.
We prefer to get the juices flowing. A game of softball. Old
versus young. Wisdom versus strength.
Burgers and beers, hot dogs and sodas.

So please, please, please come join us on June 6, 2021 for our
6th annual softball classic.