Being in the hospital is like being in a box. Patients are stuck inside, and feel lonely and vulnerable. Even the food tastes like cardboard. It's hardest on Shabbos, when beeping monitors and bright lights make it hard to feel the holiness.

Chesed 24/7 transforms the hospital experience, on Shabbos and every day. We bring Shabbos into hospital rooms, by sending a box of Shabbos essentials - electric candles, a Kiddush cup, grape juice; even a table cloth and challah cover. The Shabbos Box gives patients a taste of home. It lifts their spirits and allows them to celebrate. The box is just one thing we do for patients.

Chesed 24/7 delivers fresh kosher meals to patients, operates hospitality rooms in 21 hospitals, and provides a full range of services, from hospital liaisons to pomegranate juice deliveries, and much more.

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, Chesed 24/7 is Constantly Caring.

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