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The Gershon & Suri Klein Scholarship Initiative

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The Gershon & Suri Klein Scholarship Initiative


The YOS School

The Gershon & Suri Klein Scholarship Initiative provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged or underprivileged families who would be otherwise unable to continue their children's studies.

With several of their own children having attended and graduated from YOS, Gershon and Suri are firsthand beneficiaries of the school's exceptional educational model. In an effort to make this high-caliber education accessible to Jewish children regardless of financial ability or social status, they are reaching out to friends and acquaintances to partner with them an opportunity for securing Jewish continuity.

About YOS

Since its inception in 1986, YOS has set its mission to build a contemporary educational infrastructure geared to children and young adults growing up in today's world. The Veretzky educational model employs pedagogic excellence, cutting-edge teaching methods and state-of-the-art resources to provide the generations of tomorrow with the classic, time-honored education, values and principles of yesteryear.

Today, close to four decades since its founding, YOS is a renowned educational conglomerate comprised of a Preschool, Elementary and High School division, with satellite institutions in Lakewood, New Jersey, as well as two summer programs.