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For more than 50 years, Ohel has provided transformative social services and mental health services. Beginning as a foster care agency for Jewish children in New York, today Ohel cares for thousands of Jewish individuals through a broad range of programs including mental health services, housing and programs for people with developmental and psychiatric disabilities, older adult services, substance use treatment and prevention, and outpatient counseling for everyday people with everyday problems. Ohel’s Camp Kaylie welcomes children of all abilities to a summer of inclusive fun. Ohel Zachter Family National Trauma Center provides crisis response and support for trauma to communities nationwide. Ohel Kestenbaum Family International Children’s Services provides resilience-building programs to children and schools in New York, across the United States, and around the world.

In Memory of

The Ohel Diamond Classic Tournament is in memory of Ohel’s esteemed board member of over 30 years, Mr. Moshe Bertram, זאב משה בן יהושﬠ. Moshe was a man involved in many causes and Ohel benefitted from his many decades of devotion. We are grateful to the Bertram Family for sponsoring this tournament in his memory. יהי זכרו ברוך
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