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Oasis is a non-profit 501c3 organization.


Our Challenge
We know, in all of our neighborhoods, all of our communities, boys or girls, Orthodox or not, - by its very nature, our living in Exile, in the Gallut, is challenging for our youth and our children to come,bezrat Hashem. These challenges do not resemble the challenges of their previous generations. They are different, they are complicated, they … by their very definition… are challenging! We don’t need to ask whose were harder, whose were easier, rather HOW CAN WE HELP?

With a lot of contemplation with other Rabbanim of the Community, brainstorming, analyzing and, the help of good friends, we decided to expand on the tremendous positives, that are already existent in the NY Syrian Jewish community, and help enrich and enhance, taking what is already great, the wonderful raw materials and resources, - up a notch or two, to the next level.

We decided that the goal was to create OASIS, a facility, one that would serve our guests, during a pivotal and consequential time in their development..., into the future movers, shakers, and leaders of their esteemed community.

OASIS will be offering various types of Programs to suite the different needs of people coming to Jerusalem for the summer, or get-a-ways occasional trips, two week long seminars, or even a year of study. Whatever it is, in each individual’s case, we knew we needed to make the Ivy League version of it. We knew we wanted to be the Yale University of overseas spiritual study trips to Israel.

We therefore created a beautiful OASIS Center that very much emulates the lifestyle levels of the homes our guests would be accustomed to. Our OASIS Center, located in Har Shmuel, a 25 minute ride to Jerusalem’s Center City, is in one of the most prestigious residential sections in all of Israel. Brand new and modern, our living quarters, views of the city, facilities, gym, swimming pool, study rooms, dining rooms, etc. Our goal is to make everyone comfortable, and serve as their home away from home.

OASIS Curriculum:
The OASIS Center’s curriculum is specifically designed with a purpose, and that is to inject a wide range of balance into the lives of those who entrust us with such an opportunity. In preparation for their futures, as well as the attainment of Torah knowledge and Jewish Spirituality, learning programs have been developed that are intended to address (1) marriage and marital issues, including how-to’s on selecting the right soul mate, (2) what every human being needs to know, addict or not, about the dangers of addictions, (3) developing & improving one’s people skills, (4) how to skillfully analyze and make career choices, (5) longevity, how to live and enjoy safer, healthier and longer lives, (6) becoming an expert in anger management and crisis management, and (7) stress reduction techniques. OASIS will also be offering other courses and learning sessions through less formalized or more unique settings with guest speakers on subjects such as; (1) public speaking, speech writing and debate skills, (2) CPR, Life Guard training, and other safety skills, (3) how to start any new business, and (4) Investment markets and investment techniques. (5) basic executive and selling skills (6) advice from Professional Athletes, and (7) classes on Meditation.

Our “Buddy-System” Approach
Throughout the entire process, and as importantly as all the above, we hope to form new, and reinforce existing bonds, encouraging the bonding and camaraderie between friends and our alumni, cementing what we hope will be life long relationships, including the benefits of networking that emanate from any quality learning institution, and installing our “buddy-system” approach to achieve the best possibilities for the long term prospects of each individual.

About the Director
Rabbi Yoseph Chaim Mimran is a noted scholar who resides in England & Israel. He is an articulate soft-spoken 52 year old with modern day knowledge and interests, who speaks and converses in perfect English and other languages. The Rabbi is the founder of multiple institutions teaching Jewish Law, Business Ethics, Jewish Spirituality and Kabbalah. Rabbi Mimran has authored many books, both in English and Hebrew, and produced hundreds of video & audio classes. The Rabbi is a noted sought after speaker who has visited and given classes throughout the world. For more information visit his website

“Rabbi Mimran and his team are helping a lot of the guys by persistently but gently offering an alternative to our community’s highfalutin celebrity culture, which includes wholesomeness, balance, positive role models & life lessons” explains 28 year old Syrian Jew, Jack A. Adjmi, of New York.

The opportunity to visit OASIS, will be utilized to strengthen character, through Torah and learning, creating a better understanding of ethics, compassion, empathy, humility, logic, temperament, self discipline, good judgment and overall good midot. Creating a harmonious and balanced life.
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