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Shimi Jacobovits $500.00
CF Tax Group Inc $185.40
Ben Treitel $150.00
Yechiel “stubbs” Stobezki $103.00
Tziku Lmitzvos. Go get ‘em Big Z
Chananya Aryeh $101.00
L’kavod Zevi “Connor McGregor” Schwartz
Yossi And Malkie Levine $100.00
Let's go leafs!!!
Ike Marvet $100.00
In honor of Zev, a good friend, and a guy who makes our neighborhood awesome.
Pinny Kofman $100.00
In honor of most energetic and loudest chavrusa
Noson Jacobowitz $100.00
Habs stink. Good thing you stick to running and not hockey.
Jeremy Friedman $100.00
Yehuda Gold $72.00
Anonymous Sponsor $72.00
Eli Nulman $50.00
Jacob Schwartz $36.00
Y. Kogel $18.00
Shaya Teitelbaum $18.00
Henrik Lundqvist $18.00
I hope zevy runs better than he shoots
Avrohom Lubart $10.00