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Hello, and thanks for visiting my page.

Due to the current situation, the Bochurim were unable to go out for the Pre-Pesach collecting campaign. As such, the Yeshiva has bumped up the annual Raffle campaign. The Yeshiva is counting on this campaign to raise the funds to keep the yeshiva viable.Right now I am trying to raise 5K through those who donate on my page . I am offering an exclusive deal which will make you feel that you are getting something tangible for your donation.

A. For all those who contribute $5 -- you will have the merit of joining with others as I will finish one mesechta of mishnayos for you jointly.

B. For those who donate $50 -- I will learn a meschta of mishnayos in your merit alone.

C. For those that donate $36 -- you I will learn one seder of mishnayos in th merit of all the $36 donors, jointly

D. For those who donate $118 and above - - aside from entry into the raffle, I will learn a meschta of gemara for everyone at your level jointly

E. The first person to donate $1000 -- I will learn a mesectach of gemara just for you!


This offer is for the first people who help me raise 5K.


Thank you so much for your support,

Dovid Yitzchok Ishakis