Naaleh Cleveland

Established in 2014, Naaleh Cleveland's mission is to strengthen the mental and emotional well-being of the Cleveland Jewish community and to remove the stigma associated with seeking professional help. No one should ever feel alone or view psychological treatment as a contradiction to their religious values. Mental health has long gone under-treated, leading to inferior outcomes. Over the years, Naaleh has grown and evolved to provide community education, support groups, teen mentorship programs, and an on-site counseling clinic for adults and children.
Naaleh has become the trusted first-line mental health resource for over 2,000 families in the community!

The Tournament

For the first time ever, Naaleh is introducing a fun and engaging community-wide fundraising campaign. On November 18th, 2023, Naaleh will host Raise The Net - a volleyball tournament at the NEO Sports Plant in Euclid.

We encourage all community members age 21+ to attend this exclusive evening of fun and support! Free admission will be granted with a minimum donation of $72. In the spirit of fair competition, the game is only open to men age 21+.

The event will feature brightly lit indoor SAND volleyball courts situated along an indoor boardwalk, fierce (but friendly) competition, gourmet buffet, music, and live entertainment, setting the stage for some relaxing BBQ, and competitive summer style fun right in the middle of Cleveland's frigid November weather.

This event is promising to be one that you don't want to miss, come join us in our vital work and play for a cause!