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Dear Friend,

A good friend of mine is suffering immensely. She is married for a number of years and is still waiting to be a mother. We are all sisters and sisters look out for each other. Can you please join me in building a mikvah and bring an amazing zechis to yourself, to your mishpacha and to my friend too?

This is truly a special opportunity since the location where the mikvah is being built is poised to bring literally hundreds of families to keep taharas hamishpacha. Our partners in this effort are Mikvah USA, the well-known and successful mikvah building organization.

I have been mekabel to try to raise $1,200 to help build the mikvah. Please, feel my friend’s tzar and help us build this mikvah by donating generously! 

Thank you very much! In the zechus of your generosity in building this mikvah, der Aibershter should bentsch you personally with yeshuos, bracha, hatzlacha, nachas and simcha!

With heartfelt appreciation,

Shifra Mendlowitz

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