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Dear Friend,

We are building a mikvah as a zechis for a family friend  Can you please join me so that we can work together and bring an amazing zechis to yourself, to your mishpacha and to my family friend too?

The mikvah being built is in a place that has no mikvah. Your help will make it possible for Yiddishe families to start keeping taharas hamishpacha. This is why building this mikvah is such a powerful zechis. We are partnering with Mikvah USA, they are the strongest mikvah building organization who have completed 98 mikvaos already!

I have been mekabel to bl"n try and raise $7,200 of which I personally have given $3,600, to help build the mikvah. Please, help us build this mikvah by donating generously!

Thank you very much for your assistance. In the zechis of your helping build this mikvah, Der Aibershter should bentsch you personally with yeshuos, bracha, hatzlacha, nachas and simcha!

With heartfelt appreciation!