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Dear Friend,

You surely heard of the terrible tragedy that happened to my dear friend, Yissochor Dov ben Dina Chava. Berry, a chosson scheduled to be married in Kislev, had a tragic accident and is now fighting for his life. Try imagining for just one minute, what the kallah, his parents, and mechitunim are going through this time. Just try imagining their immense pain. We are all desperately begging Hashem to have rachmanus on him and send him a refuah. The entire family is davening and I ask from my heart that you daven too. But we must do more to promote Hashem's rachmanus and save Berry!  The family and chaveirim have set out to build a new mikvah that brings women to begin mikvah use in Berry's zchus. Building such a mikvah brings amazing yeshuos and zchusim to the people who build it AND to the person in whose zchus it was built. Mikvah USA, the organization that is helping us, has countless stories of such yeshuos. And the mikvah that we are building is particularly needed; when complete we expect that it will bring tens of families who are doing many mitzvos but not keeping taharah, to mikvah use. The Skulena rebbe shlit'"a, as well as other Rabunim were asked, and encouraged, this project. 

I am asking you to please join us in building this mikvah.  Please help Berry go under the chupa B"shu toivu u'mitslachas. Help him build a yiddisha home. Help him, so he should be able to have erlicha Doiros. By doing so you will be earning the most wonderful zchus for you and your family, a zchus that will surely help you personally as we start out the new year. I pledged to bl"n raise $10,000 to build the mikvah. Out of which $5,400 I am donating myself. You will personally see so much nachas from building "your" mikvah. Please, do join me with a really generous donation so that together we can pave the way for a gut gebbentched yuhr for ourselves and for Berry.

With heartfelt thanks and gratitude and best wishes for a gmar v'chasima tova,

Shlomo Green

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