All Donors

Roger And Robyn Himovitz $1,800.00
Russell Dann $1,030.00
Robert Katz $554.00
Wishing you great success on the Road Ahead! I am honored to support your efforts.
Cathy Schneider $515.00
Thank you for all you do for Maot Chiti
Alan Fant $500.00
Kathy And Tom Shafer $257.50
Larry Finger $250.00
Randee And MArk Saturno $250.00
Good luck Joel!
John Lewin $250.00
Mark Schwartz $200.00
Neal Yaris $200.00
Ed Siskin $185.40
Jay And Karen Case $180.00
Thanks for making a difference, Joel.
Bruce White $180.00
Jeffry Pfeffer $180.00
Brian And Gail Boorstein $180.00
Joel...congratulating you on all the work you do for Maot Chitim and hoping for a well-cushioned seat for the ride!
Steven & Ellen Rogin $180.00
Good luck and may the wind be ar your back the entire ride!
Jon And Rachel $180.00
Kol hakavod, Joel! Keep on riding, and keep up the great work for Maot Chitim.
Jonathan Quinn $180.00
Bruce Goldman $180.00
Ann And Mitch Malkin $180.00
Andrea And Steven Tick $180.00
Good luck Joel. Keep up the great work that you do. May the wind be at your back
Donald Schwartz $180.00
Thomas Greco $121.54
Adam Zimmerman $118.00
Lorri & Ted Bernstein $118.00
You're amazing Joel!! XOXO
Jay Morrow $108.00
The Evans Family $108.00
Great job Joel!
Navin Nagrani $104.03
Joel - thanks for doing this
Ronald M Lubin $103.00
Have a great ride Joel!
Jeff Forgash $103.00
Edward Beck $103.00
Abbie Weiss $103.00
Brad Schneider $103.00
Enjoy the Ride!
David And Amy Mayber $103.00
100 miles?!?! We have trouble driving that far! Good luck, Joel!
Jodi & David Gimbel $103.00
Nancy & Gary Klein $103.00
Anonymous Sponsor $103.00
Nancy And Richard Becker $103.00
Good luck with the ride!
Vicki Spigelman $103.00
Elizabeth Burke & Eric Figura $103.00
Have a great ride, Joel!
Eunice Lieberstein $103.00
Larry Goldstein $103.00
Dana GORDON $100.00
Gary Rosecrans $100.00
Have a great (safe) ride!
Michael Brandess $100.00
Good luck, Joel!
Betsy And David Brint $100.00
Ron And Kathy Sonenthal $100.00
Cindy Shanker $100.00
Thank you for your important work.
Robert Zimmerman $54.00
Kiefer Price $51.50
Karen Kohn $51.50
Goldalee Latter $51.50
Best of Luck. We're all rooting for you!
Elizabeth Cohen $51.50
Wendi Geffen $50.00
Sally Schwartz $50.00
Go Joel Go!
Kurt. & Robyn Silberstein $50.00
You are amazing Joel. Thank you so much for all that you do for Maot Chitim.
Amy Juhnke $50.00
Great job Joel!
Jake Schneider $37.08
Anonymous Sponsor $37.08
Marc Kovarsky $37.08
Good luck!
Linda Haendiges $36.00
JAY Fishman $36.00
Rafi Arbel $36.00
Great job, Joel!
Steve Sheffey $18.00