The essence of Mesivta Chofetz Chaim is the emphasis on Limud HaTorah and internalizing Mussar in an atmosphere of warmth, growth and academic excellence. Our approach imbues each talmid with the capability to reach a higher level of learning through lively, interactive Shiurim. Our dedicated rebbeim view themselves as much more than Maggidei Shiur. With small shiurim, the close kesher they develop with their talmidim serves not only as a catalyst to help build the talmid as an individual, but also to mold him into a Ben Torah for life. Our General Studies department provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum, with a faculty committed to helping each student succeed.

About the Campaign

As the Mesivta approaches sixty-seven years of service to its talmidim and the community, we look back at the impact the Mesivta has had on the hundreds of individuals who have walked through our doors. Realizing the mesivta's goals of teaching Torah and Mussar gives us a tremendous sense of pride when we see the accomplishments of so many alumni across the country who contribute to their communities in numerous capacities.
You, friends of Mesivta Chofetz Chaim, through your generous support will help the mesivta continue its vital work for years to come.