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Ariel Sosne

Member of Team 5th Perek / Eizehu Neshech - $5,800
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  • Gabriel And Aliza Sosne
    in honor of Ariel, our dear son and budding talmid chacham and in ho or of the yeshiva staff who helped him to get there
  • Ami Zeiger
    In honor of R' Ariel, a remarkable talmid chacham who I am proud to call my talmid.
  • Yitzchak Lichtenstein
    In honor of Reb Ariel Sosne, a Choshevah Talmid Chochem whose dedication to Torah is an inspiration.
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Dear Friend,

On June 28th, I will be joining 118 Lomdim at Yeshiva Gedola of South Bend to complete Maseches Bava Metzia.The learning will take place both on Yeshiva grounds and via Zoom, and will culminate in a Siyum with the participation of HaRav Nosson Muller Shlit''a.

The talmidim have spent many months delving into the masechta, and the annual Masechta B'shaah event allows community members, alumni and friends to participate in this accomplishment during the hour prior to the siyum. Please help us achieve our fundraising goal of $118,000 by donating in honor of a lomeid or as a zechus for a loved one.

Thank you! Visit My Team Page